Environment and FSC®-C162543 Policy

Environment and FSC®-C162543 Policy


• Comply with all rules for environmental protection,

• Take measures against risks that may cause environmental pollution,

• Continuously educating employees against environmental awareness,

• To ensure maximum use of natural resources,

• Ensuring proper collection and recycling of recyclable wastes,

• Ensuring the collection of waste properly and making them harmless.

Our FSC® (FSC®-C162543) POLICY

Our company uses raw materials and semi-finished materials supplied by suppliers with FSC® (FSC®-C162543) certificate.

Our company and our suppliers undertake not to be involved in the following activities which are considered to be unacceptable by FSC® (FSC®-C162543).

• Cutting or trading illegal tree or forest products,

• Violation of traditional rights and human rights during forestry operations;

• Destruction of high forest protected forests during forestry operations,

• Transformation of natural forest areas into platitudes or non-forest lands,

• Use of genetically modified organisms in forestry operations,

• Violation of any of the ILO Basic Conventions as defined in the ILO Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights of Work.

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